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InfoQ Homepage News Presentations of the BeJUG SOA Conference available on

Presentations of the BeJUG SOA Conference available on

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The videos of three talks at the Belgian Java User Group (BeJUG) Enterprise SOA'07 Conference have been published on

The Enterprise SOA'07 Conference presented "an overview and in depth technical talks on how to leverage the principals of Service-Oriented Architectures to reduce cost and risk, improve efficiency and agility and liberate your organization from the unpredictable change of technology". The published videos include the two keynotes of Anne Thomas Manes, Research Director with Burton Group, and Stefan Tilkov, CEO of innoQ and Lead Editor at InfoQ.

Anne Thomas Manes talks about "Making the Most of your SOA Initiative". She discusses some of the major risks and challenges that impede SOA adoption and provides suggestions for startegies, which help to mitigate these risks. According to Anne Thomas Manes "Think big, Take small steps" is the right course of actions for a successful SOA initiative.

In his talk about "The State of REST vs. SOA" Stefan Tilkov argues that enterprise scenarios do very well benefit from REST principles and properties "that have made the Web a success". He explains the REST ('Internet') approach by example and compares it to the ('Enterprise') world of WS-* and SOAP.

Paul Fremantle, Co-Founder of WSO2 an open source SOA middleware company, wonders if "Open Source ESBs" are as good as Belgian Beer. He explains how an ESB fits into the overall SOA picture, looks at the features and approaches of (four) open source ESBs and compares them to the offerings from established vendors. In his view "the Open Source approach is the best route to creating a long-term, robust and cost-effective Service Oriented Architecture".

These three presentations give a great overview of the currently most discussed and debated topics in the SOA world: the risks of SOA, ESBs & SOA, and REST as a means of implementing an SOA.

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