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InfoQ Homepage News Dojo Toolkit 1.0 is Released with Google Gears Integration, Accessibility Support and Charting

Dojo Toolkit 1.0 is Released with Google Gears Integration, Accessibility Support and Charting

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The Dojo Foundation has released Dojo Toolkit 1.0. The Dojo Toolkit is comprised of three pieces. Dojo Core provides functionality to unify different browser implementations and quirks. Dijit is a collection of rich user interface controls which are skinnable, support accessible technologies, and are internationalization. DojoX provides native vector graphics, charting, offline mode, and Comet support. Among the highlights of 1.0:

  • Accessibility including keyboard navigation, low vision support, and ARIA markup for assistive technologies
  • High performance grid widget supporting 100,000+ rows of data
  • Browser-native 2-D and 3-D charting
  • A full library of easy-to-use, attractive UI controls
  • Universal data access for simple and fast data-driven widget development
  • Internationalization with localizations provided for 13 major languages
  • CSS-driven themes to make customization and extension simple
  • Dojo Offline, based on Google Gears, which makes offline applications easy to build
  • Support for the OpenAjax Alliance Hub 1.0 to guarantee interoperability with other toolkits
  • Native 2-D and 3-D vector graphics drawing
  • Access to many more widgets and extensions through the Dojo package system
A presentation from earlier this year about Dojo 1.0 from project lead Alex Russell can be found here.

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