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InfoQ Homepage News Eclipse is elected for JCP Executive Committee

Eclipse is elected for JCP Executive Committee

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Java Community Process (JCP) Program Management Office announced the final results of 2007 JCP executive committee (EC) elections on Tuesday. Eclipse Foundation is among the winners of the election in Java Standard and Enterprise Edition (SE/EE) category. This is the first time an open source tooling vendor won a seat in the JCP executive committee.

Google, Inc. and Eclipse Foundation, Inc. were the top vote getters in Java SE/EE group. Other elected members are Apache Software Foundation, Nortel, and Red Hat Middleware LLC. The other nominations in this group were Interface21 Inc. (the company behind Spring Framework), Ericsson AB, CodeGear, Klaus Meffert, and Perret Pierre-Henry.

Chair of the JCP and director of the JCP Program at Sun Microsystems Patrick Curran's comments about Eclipse becoming the new member of JCP executive committee were:

"Eclipse adds open source projects expertise which will help the JCP broaden its push towards greater collaboration and openness."

Eclipse itself is a membership-driven organization and it has provided tooling support for many JSRs to date. Paul Krill wrote an InfoWorld article about this announcement. He said that:

The election presents a peculiar alliance in that Sun is the founder of Java and perhaps still dominates its development but is not a member of Eclipse. Sun is one of the few major holdouts from Eclipse, which features such companies as IBM, Oracle and BEA Systems. Sun instead focuses on the NetBeans open source tooling platform.

It will be interesting to see how Sun which has a permanent seat in JCP executive committee and Eclipse will co-exist in the committee with both having their own IDE platforms.

Time Warner Cable is among the newly elected members in Java Micro Edition (ME) group. The other elected members are Intel Corp., Orange France SA, Research In Motion, Ltd (RIM), and Samsung Electronics Corporation. The organizations and individuals who were nominated in this category but didn't get enough votes are Sean Sheedy, Luiz Carlos Bentes dos Anjos, and Marlon Faria da Luz.

All the members (both newly elected and re-elected) will take the office on November 27 and will serve for next three years. They will meet for the first EC meeting to be held on December 4 and 5. This year's JCP election was hosted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the voting process took place from October 30 to November 12.

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