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Microsoft announces Microsoft ESP

Today Microsoft announced plans for a new a visual simulation platform, Microsoft ESP, which uses gaming technology to enable use of simulation for learning and decision-making.  

The initial version of the platform focuses on Microsoft’s expertise gained through its Flight Simulator franchise in aviation capabilities and is targeted to military and commercial aviation audiences.  Future versions will be extended to ground and maritime operations, indoor and avatar-centric simulations for commercial, government and academic learning.

From Microsoft ACES Studio, Shawn Firminger states:

With over half of today’s work force having grown up playing immersive computer-based games, businesses, governments, trade schools and universities are seeking affordable solutions that enable immersive learning experiences.... Microsoft ESP makes it easy and cost-effective for organizations to apply the advantages of games-based technology to serious learning and training endeavors.

Potential uses for ESP include:

  • Flight training
  • R&D simulation
  • Weather modeling using real-time data or simulated data
  • Post-action review
  • MMORPG scenarios

Microsoft ESP provides a PC-based simulation engine, software tooling, an SDK, content integration and scenario-building capabilities which can be customized and will be made available in January 2008 for about $99/per developer.

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