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OASIS Announces OpenCSA Webinars

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Hot on the heels of the OpenCSA Plenary and our interview with key SCA standards participants, OASIS has announced a series of webinars intended to cover a range of specifications and topics under the OpenCSA umbrella.
Beginning 10 December, OASIS Open CSA will present four FREE webinars on the Service Component Architecture (SCA) and its role in SOA.
Although not covering all of the original SCA specifications (because they are not all in OASIS as yet) they do cover most of the usual suspects, including:

  • an overview, which will '... "paint the big picture" of SCA - the aims of SCA, the various parts of SCA and how SCA relates to other technologies in the world of Service Oriented Architecture. It will cover the overall objectives of the 6 OASIS SCA TCs and their common themes.'
  • policy, which '... is an important aspect of service oriented systems because it often constrains how business services are meant to interact with each other.' and will describe '... the SCA Policy Framework concepts, early and late binding of policy, as well as examples of policy annotations in the Java programming language.'
  • assembly, which will discuss '... a vendor-, technology-, and language-neutral model for assembling composite services out of components created from a variety of technologies. In this talk, the assembly model will be described in detail and illustrated through a variety of examples and use cases.'
  • C++/C/COBOL mappings and cover 'an overview of the programming model and support for implementations written in C++, C, and COBOL. The programming interfaces and supporting annotations will be introduced. Information on the progressing standards and implementations will also be provided.'
Presumably OASIS and the OpenCSA members will follow up with BPEL and Java later.

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