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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Presentation: Jean Tabaka on Surviving Meeting Burnout

InfoQ Presentation: Jean Tabaka on Surviving Meeting Burnout

Teams moving to an Agile software development process may end up feeling irritated as they move from command-and-control to a collaborative culture - which can start to look like non-stop meetings, starting first thing every Monday morning. In this InfoQ exclusive presentation, recorded at Agile2007, Agile coach Jean Tabaka shared her experience in working with teams that are feeling a burden of meetings due to their move to Agile, providing guidance around how to alleviate meeting burnout.

Tabaka addresses questions such as:
  • How can teams hold effective, decisive meetings?
  • How can agile coaches ensure useful, goal-focused meetings?
  • What flows and patterns of meetings can help teams, product owners, and stakeholders derive ever increasing benefits from adopting an Agile process?
This presentation is intended to help viewers evaluate their own meeting messes and take away specific information about how to clean them up. Jean Tabaka is the author of the book "Collaboration Explained" that provides more detailed information on the subjects introduced in this video.

View the 80-minute InfoQ exclusive presentation: I Don’t Like Mondays - Improving Agile Process Team Events, and get ready to make your own list of "5 things you are willing to try" for your next meeting.

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  • Agile Team composition

    by B Sudhakar,

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    Hi, What kind of team composition(experience level) do you recommend so that I as a Project Manager could empower the team. Could I do Agile using a team of college grads? Could I empower a team comprising of 80% college grads, where in such scenarios in my humble opinion command-and-control would work best?

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