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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Presentation: Eric Evans on DDD - Strategic Design

InfoQ Presentation: Eric Evans on DDD - Strategic Design

Some design decisions have an impact on the trajectory of the whole project. Modeling is most needed in complex circumstances, yet the typical dynamics of large projects too often derail it or disconnect it from the real design. Conversely, modeling is best carried out by small, dynamic teams with a lot of autonomy, yet creating large systems requires coordination and project-spanning decisions. Managers and developers alike need to pay close attention to this intersection of design, project organization, and politics.

In this talk, Eric Evans introduces two broad principles for strategic design.

  • Context mapping addresses the fact that different groups model differently.
  • Core domain distills a shared vision of the system’s “core domain” and provides a systematic guide to when “good enough” is good enough versus when to push for excellence.

Watch the 50-minute InfoQ exclusive presentation - Eric Evans on DDD - Strategic Design.

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