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InfoQ Homepage News Mike Hankey on Clipboard Programming

Mike Hankey on Clipboard Programming

One of the corner-stones of Windows is the universal clipboard. Every well-designed application is expected to have at least minimal clipboard support and many are quite sophisticated. Yet the .NET framework doesn't expose all of its functionality directly, making it a mystery to most developers. Mike Hankey seeks to bring it to light with The Code Project article ClipSpy+.

In his first lesson, Mike talks about adding an application to the Clipboard message chain. This is a place where applications still interact with each other and one misbehaving application can disrupt all the others.

Next Mike goes into inserting and retrieving data in the clipboard. He does this with the aid of two applications, ClipSpy+ and ClipInjector+. ClipSpy+ monitors the clipboard traffic and displays anything that comes across while ClipInjector+ can be used to insert data in a number of known formats.

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