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WPF and F#

Yesterday we told you about using PHP.NET with Silverlight. The GUI framework for Silverlight, WPF, represents the future of Windows development. So it is understandable that F# developers would be looking at it with a keen eye as well.

John Liao has been working through Petzold's book, Applications = Code + Markup, from a F# viewpoint. He explains his reasons for doing so,

Why did I pick F# as the target programming language to translate the code to? Well, which the advent of multicore processors, functional programming languages seems naturally suited to the new hardware architectures. In addition, Wall Street Journal made a passing reference to F# in the article Behind Microsoft's Bid to Gain Cutting Edige. I figure if Wall Street Journal have an article about F#, it seems about time that F# will become mainstream. Having two F# books coming out also helps developers to start learning about this language by Microsoft.

In the process he is uncovering some design choices in the F# language that make working with WPF harder than it should be. For example, F# does not generate static read-only fields. Lewis Bruck mentions this as a problem for F#/SQL Server integration as well.

A list of John Liao's posts has been compiled by Don Syme.

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