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FlexReport For Printing In Adobe Flex

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Rob Rusher, a Flex developer and enthusiast, points us to FlexReport. Poor printing support in Flash is a common problem for Flex applications.
It doesn't matter where I go, I always run into people having printing issues with Flex. Most have found the FlexPrintJob class and samples on how to use it, but for those who print multiple pages the results are sometime less than stellar.

I just found a new open source project called FlexReport. It is said to address report layouts, multi-page reports and print preview.
FlexReport is released under the LGPL license and available at RIAForge. The API features include: Report Layout support, Multi-page content, and Print preview.
  1. Report layout: in order to print a page in Flex you need to create a container and add it to a FlexPrintJob. Not a big issue when working with static content. But when creating dynamic reports where you don’t know how many pages you’ll have this process can quickly become a nightmare.
  2. Multi-page content: The only component specifically designed for printing is PrintDataGrid. There’s no support for text or images.
  3. Print preview: as I said before organizations need printing. But a thing they don’t need is wasting paper. There’s no way to make a print-preview with PrintJob. And no one likes printing 100 pages of a table, just to realize they are printing the wrong data.
You can checkout the demo application at: Also, you can read more on the project blog.

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Community comments

  • fonts

    by Matt Giacomini,

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    Are the blurry fonts one of the features?

    I would have liked to have seen the result of generating the PDF, but the site blew up when I clicked the PDF link.

  • Re: fonts

    by Ashley Moran,

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    The Adobe PDF icon doesn't work, I just get "PDF GENERATION IS DISABLED! " and some PHP errors. (And they what looks like an ASCII dump of a PDF file.)

    But I did a print-to-PDF in OS X and the fonts are just are unclear - like bitmaps with blur filter on top. Oh, and it injected a blank page after each page of content...

    Shouldn't this have been labelled pre-alpha? It seems way to early to be any use yet, unless it's just a bad demo.

  • Re: fonts

    by Frederico Garcia,

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    FlexReport was made for printing, and whenever there was a choice between print quality and display quality, printing was preferred. That's the case with fonts. In flash, anti-aliased fonts have different metrics from aliased (and when printing you use aliased fonts), so in order to accurately preview you must use aliased fonts (blurry).

    If you download the sources for use in your own project, you'll see a file named create.php which you must uncomment. Print-to-PDF is using alivePDF, take a look at if you have any questions. This functionality is to be improved in the next version (it's just there now as a proof of concept).

    If you find reproducible bugs please mail me a short description so they can be addressed in the next version.

    Kind regards,

    Frederico Garcia

  • Print Report in Flex

    by blake dearborn,

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    Has anyone checked out a report generation and printing object called BentBit Report? It is really pretty remarkable.

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p