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InfoQ Homepage News JBoss Rolls Out Developer Studio 1.0 and Tools 2.0

JBoss Rolls Out Developer Studio 1.0 and Tools 2.0

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There have been recent updates in the world of JBoss development. The first being JBoss Developer Studio 1.0 and the second JBoss Tools 2.0. Each has its own highlights.

JBoss Tools 2.0 is a set of plugins that integrates the Eclipse plugins. Max Anderson highlights some of the main features:

  • First-class support for JBoss Seam 1.2 and 2.0

  • Visual Page editor for rich editing of (X)HTML, JSP, JSF and Facelets pages

  • Unique JSF and Facelets support

  • JBoss AS server integration

  • Project Archives

  • Hibernate 3 Support

Available for all platforms, downloads are available here. There are also upgrades available for current JBossIDE users and Exadel Studio users looking to switch to JBoss Tools 2.0.

JBoss Developer Studio, a certified open source development environment is an easy-to-install Eclipse based IDE fully configured and ready to run with the bundled JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. All of the compoents from JBoss Tools have been incorporated in JBoss Developer Studio. This environment eases development for such JBoss technologies as:

  • Hibernate

  • JBoss Seam

  • JBoss Application Server

There are a number of added functionalities found in JBoss Developer Studio that are not found in JBoss Tools 2.0 such as:

  • An installer

  • Eclipse and Web Tools preconfigured

  • JBoss EAP with JBoss AS and Seam preconfigured

  • 3rd party plugins bundled and configured

  • Access to RHEL and Red Hat Network

  • Access to the JBoss/Red Hat supported software

More information can on JBoss Developer Studio can be found here, as well as more information from Max Andersen here.

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