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InfoQ Homepage News Christian Weyer on Service Oriented Communication

Christian Weyer on Service Oriented Communication

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At the latest QCon, Christian Weyer presented on Windows Communication Foundation, (WCF), with a slightly different slant.  In the presentation Christian provides the full source code to a complete end-to-end .NET 3.x application using WCF.  Beginning with the four tenets of Service Orientation:

  1. Boundaries are explicit
  2. Services are Autonomous
  3. Share Schema & Contract
  4. Communication Based on Policy

 Christian asks architects to focus on their overall architecture and service orientation.  He lists out the many hotspots when designing service oriented communication:

  1. Contract Design
  2. Bindings
  3. WCF duplex and callbacks
  4. Streaming
  5. Hosting
  6. Proxy handling
  7. Interoperability
  8. Threading
  9. Data Access
  10. Unit and Load Testing
  11. Debugging

Christian then focuses on WCF contract modelling, WCF Binding Selection and finishes with guidance around WCF hosting.  Enjoy this exclusive QCon presentation brought to you by InfoQ.

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