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MSDN Code Gallery Goes Live


Microsoft has created a new site named Code Gallery dedicated to code and application sharing. Any community member can post an application or its source code on the site, making it available to other community members. Microsoft employees will use this site to post snippets of the code they are working on, revealing some of the secrets of current or future Microsoft products.

What is the difference between Code Gallery, Code Plex and MSDN Downloads? Code Gallery is designated as a sharing place for sample projects which demonstrate the key features of the C# language, or any project resources that seem interesting to be shared with others or might benefit the community. Code Plex is for collaborative project development. This is the place where community members can actively develop various projects by sharing the source code and resources through a resource repository, versioning the code and creating releases. Microsoft will continue to keep some of its projects on MSDN Downloads, like trial versions of Visual Studio or Visual Studio service packs. MSDN Downloads is not available to community members, being reserved to Microsoft employees. Previous projects existing on GotDotNet should be moved to either Code Gallery or Code Plex since GotDotNet is being phased out.

Code Gallery uses a custom license governing the entire site. Basically any resource posted to the site becomes available to anyone to read, download, edit, redistribute, or use. Exceptions to the license are not allowed.

A project owner can give others, named coordinators, the right to edit the resources posted. Code Gallery does not require a source control program. A RSS feed is available on each resource page. The files loaded on Code Gallery must not exceed 100 MB.


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