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InfoQ Homepage News LongJump Introduces Database-as-a-Service

LongJump Introduces Database-as-a-Service

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LongJump, a provider of customizable business application, has introduced a new service to provide database hosting to companies that are looking to reduce maintenance and administration costs.

Building a database application backend for your website and business should be as easy as signing up for a phone plan. Now it is.

They explain their service as:

LongJump’s DaaS provides a complete environment for hosting a database that’s highly secure and web-enabled while simultaneously cutting the costs and easing the hassles for entrepreneurs and developers who would otherwise have to purchase a database server, provision it, address data access and availability issues, manage backup and replication issues, and tackle security and data protection.

Behind the scenes MySQL is used, with the design of the database described as being "flexible, on-the-fly data modeling, comprehensive search, report generation, object relationship management, and built-in access controls".  Managing and accessing data is achieved by using a web browser, or by using provided SOAP or REST APIs programmatically. This brings up the question of integration - with many frameworks providing database integration and data migration features, will it be more difficult and time consuming for developers to use a database hosting service rather than manage the database themselves?

Whether database-as-a-service will take off, or whether it will remain a niche offering for companies that provide services to build applications online is yet to be seen.

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