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InfoQ Homepage News View the .NET Source Code in VS 2005

View the .NET Source Code in VS 2005

It has long been said that having access to a framework's source code assists in debugging applications that use it. Though MFC developers have had this for a long time, only recently has Microsoft granted access to the .NET source code. Unfortunately, they limited the access to VS 2008 users and the files are downloaded on an as-needed basis during debugging.

With permission from Shawn Burke of Microsoft, Kerem Kusmezer and John Robbins built a tool that will bulk-load the .NET source code. The primary benefit of this is eliminating the unexpected pauses during debugging that currently occur. But it also has another interesting possibility.

Once the source code is downloaded using the .NET Mass Downloader, developers can configure VS 2005 to use the source code in very much the same fashion.

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