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InfoQ Homepage News Agile Project Management ScrumWorks Pro 3.0 released

Agile Project Management ScrumWorks Pro 3.0 released

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Danube Technologies has just released the 3.0 Release of ScrumWorks Pro, last mentioned in August 07. ScrumWorks Pro is an Agile Project Management tool that help track team(s) progress through individual iterations and whole releases.

According to Victor Szalvay, Danube's CTO, general aesthetic and usability improvements were one area that this release focused on. Among the many UI improvements are:

  • New Product Creation Wizard - guides the user through the decisions (teams, roles and permissions, and product properties) involved with creating a new product.
  • Docking Framework - similar to Eclipse the user is able to dock window to any side of its parent, making it easy to view multiple editors at once.
  • Tabbed Editing - like Firefox the user is able to reduce clutter displaying editors for different stories or tasks in their own tab.
  • Split Feature - when creating a batch of stories (or tasks) the user often realizes that they have more than one item in an individual story. The split feature reduces the number of steps to turn this into a separate story.
  • Sprint Detail View - has been enhanced to support a tree view that associates tasks with their stories. In addition the sprint view supports filtering, by "point person", "task status" or any other column.

In Victor's opinion perhaps the most important change is their support for MySQL, Enterprise customers wanting to scale to larger deployments needed more than an embedded database.

New Tabbed Editors

New Tabbed Editors

Sprint Detail View

Sprint Detail View

ScrumWorks Pro provides both a Desktop and Web client - the desktop is full featured while the web client provides a view of the sprint for updating task status and estimates. The server component will run on Windows XP/Vista/2003 Server, Mac OS X 10.4.2+, and Linux, while the desktop client supports: Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.4.2+, and Linux KDE.

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