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InfoQ Homepage News eXo Java Content Repository 1.8 Released

eXo Java Content Repository 1.8 Released

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The eXo Platform team has released eXo JCR (Java Content Repository) 1.8, a JSR-170-compliant Java content repository implementation. The  eXo JCR website describes the Java content repository specification in this way:
The main purpose of standardized Java Content Repository is to provide standardized, reliable intermediary layer between custom applications and data storage. The documents could be stored in a relational database or in a native XML DB but your client code would not change.
In a prior article about integrating JCR implementations with Spring, InfoQ had this to say about JSR-170:
Sitting on top of the data storage, JCR offers content services like granular access control, versioning, content events, full-text search and filtering among others. With an impressive expert group behind JSR-170 led by Day Software, including Content Management Systems (CMS) vendors like Vignette, Hummingbird Ltd., Stellent and the usual Java-driven solution providers like BEA Systems, IBM and Oracle, the specification is likely to become the de-facto standard for content management and document storage.
The referenced InfoQ article discusses a number of implementations of the JCR spec including eXo JCR as well as Apache Jackrabbit, which is the reference implementation of the JSR-170 specification. Since the original writing of the article, both Jackrabbit and eXo JCR have experienced a number of releases and enhancements.

The main changes in the 1.8 release of eXo JCR include:
  • Backup service with full and incremental modes
  • Improved replication, decoupled from JCR core
  • JCR WebDAV service is optimized for big files
  • JCR CIFS improvements with real NTLM (1,2) authentication, locks and notification support
  • Owner inheritance support
  • Several fixes for JCR core, import/export and versioning related improvements
  • Performance improvements, particuarly related to MySQL

The complete list of changes in eXo JCR 1.8 is available on the issue tracking site.

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