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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Addressing Doubts about REST

Article: Addressing Doubts about REST

After his first traffic-record setting article, a brief introduction to REST, Stefan Tilkov has written another article attempting to addresses the 10 of the most common doubts people have about REST when they start exploring it, especially if they have a strong background in the architectural approach behind SOAP/WSDL-based Web services.

Read Addressing Doubts About Rest.

The ten doubts Stefan addresses include:

1. REST may be usable for CRUD, but not for “real” business logic
2. There is no formal contract/no description language
3. Who would actually want to expose so much of their application’s implementation internals?
4. REST works with HTTP only, it’s not transport protocol independent
5. There is no practical, clear & consistent guidance on how to design RESTful applications
6. REST does not support transactions
7. REST is unreliable
8. No pub/sub support   
9. No asynchronous interactions
10. Lack of tools

Stefan Tilkov is the lead editor of InfoQ’s SOA community and co-founder, principal consultant and chief RESTafarian of Germany/Switzerland-based innoQ.

What's your take on the 10 doubts?

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