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InfoQ Homepage News Ruby 1.8.7 Preview released, includes some backports from 1.9

Ruby 1.8.7 Preview released, includes some backports from 1.9

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While Ruby 1.8.x is referred to as the stable branch, it's still being developed. The next version is coming up, and the first preview of Ruby 1.8.7 has just been announced by  Akinori Musha. You can see a quick overview of the new features in Ruby 1.8.7 or take a look at a comprehensive list of the changes.

A look at the new features shows a few API changes that were introduced in Ruby 1.9, but have been backported to Ruby 1.8.7:
  • Enumerable::Enumerator is a feature of Ruby 1.9 to bring external iterators to Ruby (these come in addition to the internal iteration methods in the Enumerable mixin). Some of the methods in Enumerable have also been updated to behave more like in Ruby 1.9, e.g. returning Enumerators if no blocks are given.
  • Object#tap
  • Symbol#to_proc
  • Process.exec
  • etc.
Download the Ruby 1.8.7 Preview.

For everyone testing multiple Ruby versions, we reported about using Multiruby to test Ruby applications on different Ruby versions.

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  • Forced Upgrade

    by Daniel Berger,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    The moment the Rails teams decides to use any of the new 1.8.7 features this becomes a forced upgrade. Awful, awful decision, but just what I've come to expect from the Ruby core team.

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