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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Patterns for securing architectures

Presentation: Patterns for securing architectures

According to security guru Bruce Schneier, security is all about trade-offs you make with respect to your always limited resources. Today, security is often a problem either when designing a system’s architecture or — in the worst case — as an after-thought. Only a few experts have knowledge to design good security and we can safely assume that there is no security expert in most development teams.

In this presentation given at QCon London 2007, professor Peter Sommerlad introduces Patterns for Securing Architectures. Before Design Patterns, OO-design and architecture was a similar black art only performed well by experts and the intention of Security Patterns is to provide such leverage for designing secure architectures. Since naming the concepts make discussions easier and because the patterns tell the truth about their trade-offs, security design decisions can thereby be taken more consciously.

In the talk, Peter Sommerlad focuses on patterns such as Role-based Access Control, Single Access Point, and Front Door.

Set aside 60 minutes to get a new perspective on how to secure your architecture.

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