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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Scalability Principles

Article: Scalability Principles

At the simplest level, scalability is about doing more of something. This could be responding to more user requests, executing more work or handling more data. While designing software has its complexities, making that software capable of doing lots of work presents its own set of problems. In this article, Simon Brown presents some principles and guidelines for building scalable software systems. 

Read Scalability Principles, by Simon Brown

The principles covered in the article include:
  1. Decrease processing time
  2. Partition
  3. Scalability is about concurrency
  4. Requirements must be known
  5. Test continuously
  6. Architect up front
  7. Look at the bigger picture
The majority of the principles for this article have been sourced from some notes taken during a scalability discussion that took place at a private summit for architects held in London, UK, in late 2005. The summit was organized by Alexis Richardson, Floyd Marinescu, Rod Johnson, John Davies, and Steve Ross-Talbot. The video entitled "JP Rangaswami on open source in the enterprise & the future of information" is also from the summit.

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