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InfoQ Homepage News The EQATEC Code Profiler v. 1.2 for the .NET Compact Framework Has New Features

The EQATEC Code Profiler v. 1.2 for the .NET Compact Framework Has New Features

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InfoQ informed the community about the free EQATEC code profiler for the .NET Compact Framework a month ago. In the meantime, the profiler has been well received by the community, and EQATEC released version 1.2 with new features and bug fixes based on community feedback.

Some of the new features according to EQATEC are:

  • Support for generics.
  • Support for signed assemblies.
  • Profiling is 3-4 times faster and the instrumented module is 5-10 smaller.
  • Profiling of regular .NET applications was improved. Regular .NET applications can be profiled, not just those written for .NET Compact Framework.
  • Finer profiling control via attributes SkipInstrumentation and HideAtRuntime
  • The user is prompted to choose which executable to run when more than one executable are profiled.
  • A forum dedicated to the users.

EQATEC has improved the speed of the profiler by profiling the profiler itself, increasing its speed 3-4 times by simply editing the two lines of the culprit section of the code.

 A video demo of the profiler is available. The profiler can be downloaded here.

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