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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Introduction to Agile for Traditional Project Managers

Presentation: Introduction to Agile for Traditional Project Managers

In this presentation filmed during Agile 2007, Stacia Broderick introduces Agile to traditionally trained project managers by making a comparison between Project Management Institute's (PMI) best practices and their equivalent Agile techniques.

Stacia helps the project managers new to Agile to understand the lexicon and the general Agile concepts by mapping the PMBOK knowledge areas to Agile practices. She starts by comparing the PMBOK project phases with the Agile product life cycle, then discusses the integration, scope, quality and risk management both in the traditional world and the Agile one. While doing that, she introduces important Agile concepts like iterations, release planning, release reviewing, user stories, backlogs and many others.

In this presentations Stacia answers many questions of interest from the audience.

The entire presentation is 1h and 26 min. long.

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