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InfoQ Homepage News BizTalk Services Have Been Updated

BizTalk Services Have Been Updated

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BizTalk Labs has updated its range of connectivity and business process services through the BizTalk Services SDK which offers access to the following services: Workflow, Identity, Windows Live ID Credentials, Unauthenticated Access, TransportClientCredentials, HTTP Connectivity Mode. The services offered by BizTalk Labs are experimental and there has been no decision made about making them into a product.

Following is a short explanation of each service as given by BizTalk:

  • Workflow - BizTalk Services has added a new service for running Workflows for service orchestration in the BizTalk Services cloud.
  • Identity Service Scopes - The Identity Service now allows for creating per-service access control management scopes with delegation of management authority between users.
  • Windows Live ID Credentials - You can now use Windows Live ID as credential for obtaining tokens.
  • Unauthenticated Access - For all connection modes, services can opt out of the client authorization facility provided by the Relay and allow unauthenticated client access.
  • TransportClientCredentials - Refactored, WCF-aligned API for configuring/setting credentials for accessing the Relay, replacing the 'raw' TokenProviders.
  • HTTP Connectivity Mode - New connectivity mode allowing RelayedOneway, RelayedMulticast, and RelayedDuplex services to listen on the Relay using HTTP (port 80).

The BizTalk Labs SDK works on Windows Vista, XP, or Server 2003. Internet Explorer 7 and the .NET Framework v3.0 Runtime and SDK are necessary to use the SDK. The BizTalk Server is not needed to access the services offered by BizTalk Labs.

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