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InfoQ Homepage News TargetProcess Offers a Free 5-User Community Edition

TargetProcess Offers a Free 5-User Community Edition

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TargetProcess has released the free 5-user Community Edition of its Agile project management software. The Community Edition contains the same features as the full edition of the product with the following two limitations: it has a license of maximum 5 users and offers no support. There is no date expiration for the free version.

TargetProcess is a project management tool allowing software development companies to organize and schedule the work of their teams on various projects, covering activities like planning, tracking and quality assurance. TargetProcess contains various tools like dashboards, To-Do lists, time statistics, progress tracking, burn down charts, iterations planning.

The commercial version of the product has two types of licenses: On-Site and On-Demand. The On-Site option allows the buyer to download the software and install it on his preferred server, while the On-Demand option offers the software as a service paid monthly. The Community Edition is only offered On-Site as a download package, but the company has plans to offer it as a service in the near future.

InfoQ has presented information about TargetProcess in the past covering versions 2.7 and 2.3 (includes general information about the software). Among the features added in versions 2.8 and 2.9 it is worth mentioning Visual Studio 2008, Bugzilla and Test Track Pro integration. The tool will be integrated with Selenium, Eclipse and Wiki in the future, according to TargetProcess' roadmap.

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