Spring Dynamic Modules Continuing To Improve

by Craig Wickesser on Jul 19, 2008 |
On the Spring website you'll find that Spring Dynamic Modules is defined as a project that,
...makes it easy to build Spring applications that run in an OSGi framework. A Spring application written in this way provides better separation of modules, the ability to dynamically add, remove, and update modules in a running system, the ability to deploy multiple versions of a module simultaneously (and have clients automatically bind to the appropriate one), and a dynamic service model.
Ryan Slobojan, InfoQ editor, originally wrote about Spring Dynamic Modules version 1.0 back in January of this year. Below is a list of the new features found in version 1.1.0 from the press release.
  • Web Support (Servlet, JSP, Taglibs) for OSGi applications
  • Spring-MVC integration
  • Classpath scanning
  • Customization hooks for Spring-DM extender and web extender
  • Event notifications for OSGi service importers and application contexts
  • Refined OSGi proxy infrastructure
  • 'greedy-proxy' functionality for OSGi collections
  • Integration with SpringSource Bundle Repository
  • Support for custom locations for Spring powered bundles
  • Pluggable mechanism for determining service dependencies
  • Access to native OSGi ServiceReference for OSGi importers
  • New web sample
One of the biggest features added was for Web support which integrates with web containers such as Tomcat and Jetty. The website states that it allows for,
the transparent support for web applications on OSGi platforms...Spring-DM allows WARs using Servlet, JSP and taglib technologies to be used with little or no effort at all.
Another thing included in the latest release is a new web sample which aims to provide an understanding of how the new web support works.  Although Spring Dynamic Modules is fairly new it is improving, with features and bug fixes, and is backed by a very mature development staff and company.

To learn more about Spring Dynamic Modules 1.1.0 take a look at the Reference Guide.

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Spring Dynamic Modules Continuing To Improve by Thomas Joseph

Web support is still fairly basic. Lot more improvements are expected towards this end.

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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