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InfoQ Homepage News AnkhSVN 2.0 Source Code Control Package (SCC) for Visual Studio

AnkhSVN 2.0 Source Code Control Package (SCC) for Visual Studio

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AnkhSVN started as a Visual Studio add-in, which allowed to work on a Subversion (SVN) version-controlled project from within Visual Studio. Release 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the core engine, which is delivered as a free Source Code Control Package (SCC) for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.

The current implementation is based on SharpSvn, a .Net 2.0 implementation of the SVN client API. Because SharpSvn supports the whole SVN 1.5 client API and the SCC provides deep integration with Visual Studio, AnkhSVN 2.0 offers a very rich feature set:

Pending Changes window

  • One window to handle the normal workflow.
  • Real-time overview of all project changes.
  • Easy access to most Subversion commands.

Merge Tracking

  • Easy-to-use wizard simplifies merging.
  • Wizard is merge-tracking aware.
  • Intuitive integrated conflict resolution
  • Supports all merge scenarios supported by Subversion 1.5
  • Works with Subversion 1.5 servers, and pre-1.5 servers.

Optimized workflow

  • Don't leave your IDE for most common operations.
  • Immediately view the source control status of all files in your project/solution.
  • View working copy information such as last committed author, last committed date and the repository URL.
  • Import new solutions automatically.
  • Get support for all Subversion transfer protocols.

Pluggable diff/merge

  • Plug in your diff/merge tool of choice.
  • Use command line templates for the most common merge tools.

Repository Explorer

  • Easily browse any Subversion repository
  • View extended information about remote files and directories in the Visual Studio Properties window

The current release offers many benefits over the 1.0.2 version. Perfomance has been increased significantly, the whole integration with VS including glyphs, badging and tools has been improved and the implementation of the SVN client interface is much more complete.  The AnkhSVN web site provides a complete list of extensions and improvements:

  • Pending changes window; subversion status and commands available in one place.
  • Full support for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008; AnkhSVN is now a SCC package instead of just an addin
  • Better log viewer
  • Merge support
  • Property editor
  • AnkhSVN now supports most project types previously unsupported via the SCC api.
  • All solution explorer actions (rename, copy&paste, drag&drop) keep subversion history now.
  • Enhanced build process and setup
  • Automatic check for updates
  • And last but certainly not least end user documentation
  • Read the official AnkhSVN 2.0 Final Release announcement, which contains the details of AnkhSVN’s history and provides links to roadmap, documentation, and downloads.

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