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InfoQ Homepage News Author Interview, Book review, Sample Chapter: "Applied SOA"

Author Interview, Book review, Sample Chapter: "Applied SOA"

InfoQ features an interview with the authors and a review of a new book on “Applied SOA”, as well as a sample chapter for download. Among the authors is Boris Lublinsky, one of InfoQ’s SOA editors.

JJ Dubray has reviewed ”Applied SOA”, a new book written by Michael Rosen, InfoQ Editor Boris Lublinsky, Kevin Smith and Marc Balcer. Before presenting his thorough review, he talked to the authors about their experiences with large-scale SOA implementations, including the major hurdles in SOA introduction, the problem with lack of skills, and their assessment of SOA’s maturity.

According to JJ,

Applied SOA represent a complete introduction to SOA with practical steps to set up an organization capable of delivering complex service oriented solutions.

Check out the interview and review and the free sample chapter on ”Getting Started with SOA”.

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