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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Do The Hustle

Presentation: Do The Hustle

In this presentation from RubyFringe, Obie Fernandez talks about his experience with founding and running HashRocket, a boutique web consultancy and product shop.

Obie explains the experience with selling - both at Thoughtworks and HashRocket. He gives valuable practical tips for selling, what to watch out for and how to always keep in control of the process as compared to the client calling all the shots, and when to fire clients if necessary.

The tips go into detail of, eg. how to to define how to treat the code created in the process of the project (what code belongs to the customer and which can become part of the developers tool chest) and other topics concerning contracts. The talk also mentions the question of how much to charge per hour as a Rails developer - and why this rate is justifiable. Furthermore, it mentions crucial tips such as to avoid travelling and a few useful book tips for selling and marketing.

Watch Obie Fernandez' Do the Hustle.

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