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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Reginald Braithwaite on Rewrite

Interview: Reginald Braithwaite on Rewrite

In this interview, Reginald Braithwaite talks about his past experiences with languages, programming, and software development, and what attracted him to Ruby. He also talks about Rewrite, a collection of features which add "sexp-rewriting meta-programming to Ruby".

Watch: Reginald Braithwaite on Rewrite (22 min.)

In the first part of the interview, Reginald talks about past experiences with computers and programming, ending up with his first encounter with Ruby and Erlang back in 2001. He was instantly attracted to Ruby by "Matz’ approach to try to make programming a joy".

Reginald continues with what inspired him to create the Rewrite gem, and what it does internally. He explains how other languages and past work can have a huge influence on current work, underlining the importance of knowing the history of software development and programming languages.

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