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InfoQ Homepage News Announcement: Agile Journal Making Big Changes

Announcement: Agile Journal Making Big Changes

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Going into it's third year of operations, the Agile Journal is making some note-worthy changes to how it brings "need-to-know information and resources" to the agile community. Among these changes are a new Editor in Chief, Amr Elssamadisy, as well a fresh new content format and publishing approach.

The first of these changes is the introduction of new Editor-In-Chief, InfoQ's own Amr Elssamadisy. As a seasoned agile practitioner of nearly a decade, Amr has continued to contribute to the community at large as a long-standing news editor for InfoQ's Agile News queue, as well as through his two books focused on adopting Agile practices, Patterns of Agile Practice Adoption: The Technical Cluster and Agile Adoption Patterns: A Roadmap to Organizational Success.

As a self-described "avid reader of and occasional contributor to" the Agile Journal, Amr has a solid of idea of where he sees the online publication going in the future:
My vision for the Agile Journal is to be that one place to visit when thinking about Agile software development. The only way to realistically achieve that goal is to do one thing really well, and link to other sites for those issues that we don't cover.

The Agile Journal's main focus is to provide our readers regularly with insightful articles; that's what we do well and what we will continue to improve upon.
Amr's "From The Editor" posting also announced a few of the improvements that the Agile Journal will be implementing in the near future. Among them are the following:
  • A redesign of the website to increase accessibility
  • The addition of several "reference sections"
  • A shift from the "big bang" monthly release, where all articles are released at the same time, to publishing articles throughout the month, aimed to "keep things fresh and give readers at least one new article to read every week".
  • A shift from the "single theme per issue" format, where all articles revolve around a single central topic, to a "column format", where each issue will contain articles on a variety of topics, including "Business Case", "Human Aspects", "Basics", "Adoption", "Principles & Values", "Large Orgs", and "New Ideas".
Important to note is that the Agile Journal's articles are all contributions from members of the community, not staff writers. It's a place for you to both get and give your agile knowledge; if you're interested in publishing an article to share your thoughts and experience with the community, the Agile Journal offers you a place to do so.

Take time to visit Amr and the Agile Journal in the coming months to see what these improvements can do for you.

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