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Quest for True SOA

In a new article, SOA architect Alex Maclinovsky discusses an approach for building an extensible SOA infrastructure directly supporting SOA governance. According to Alex,

A combination of processes, practices and tools which facilitate lifecycle of Enterprise Services and provide means for creating, communicating, enforcing and managing compliance to corporate policies regarding the non-functional service characteristics that are of importance to business today.

The ideal SOA infrastructure has to be extensible by design so that support for new policies, required by organization, can be easily added. The result of this design was Aspect-Based SOA infrastructure, allowing to add additional software services to the existing platform. According to Alex:

... a fundamental reason why we could not enumerate all the characteristics of SOA services that would make them suitable as the computing platform for the Enterprise. That reason was that these characteristics were based on the actual business, regulatory and other requirements which were bound to vary by industry, geography, from client to client, and, most importantly, with time.

Such infrastructure, directly supporting SOA Governance is what

turns Enterprise Services from digital artifacts into true business assets by allowing responsible reuse across the domains of control of SOA participants.

Check out Alex Maclinovsky ‘sarticle, Quest for True SOA for more information.

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