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InfoQ Homepage News Book Spotlight: Visual Studio 2008 Unleashed

Book Spotlight: Visual Studio 2008 Unleashed

Visual Studio 2008 is the primary development tool for .NET developers and ships in version targetted at the differing roles on a development team.  Lars Powers and Mike Snell authored Visual Studio 2008 Unleashed, published by Sam's Publishing, with the intention to demystify Visual Studio 2008. 

In Visual Studio 2008 Unleashed Lars and Mike cover:

  • Working with solutions and projects
  • Writing and consuming web services with WCF
  • Window Forms & WPF
  • Creating and hosting WF
  • Refactoring
  • Debugging
  • Automation in the IDE
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Team Foundation Build

Enjoy the chapter excerpt and the dialogue InfoQ engaged in with Lars Powers and Mike Snell.


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