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FlexChart: Flash Charting Application for AJAX

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FlexChart is an open source Flash application built for uses in AJAX applications. The charting application is driven through dynamically through XML.  FlexChart was built by Barney Boisvert, he describes the application this way:
FlexChart is a charting engine written in Flex that uses an XML descriptor to render charts dynamically at runtime. It's designed to be used from Ajax applications where the descriptor is supplied to the SWF dynamically, either generated client side or retrieved from the server.
FlexChart allows for custom styling of charts and support for exporting to an image:
Direct support for PNG exports of the chart. A Base64-encoded PNG can be requested via an ExternalInterface callback, which you can then do whatever you want with. The demo app just sends it server side (in a new window) for deserialization with CFIMAGE and immediately sends it back to the client.
FlexChart is deployed as binary and requires no server side infrastructure. Read more about it at on Boisvert blog. Also, you can find a demo here:

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