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InfoQ Homepage News Granite Data Service 1.1.0 Released with new Features and Tools

Granite Data Service 1.1.0 Released with new Features and Tools

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Granite Data Services (GDS) 1.1.0 GA is released this week. If you are not familiar with GDS, according to the Granite Data Services project:

Granite Data Services (GDS) is a free, open source (LGPL'd), alternative to Adobe® LiveCycle® (Flex™ 2+) Data Services for J2EE application servers. The primary goal of this project is to provide a framework for Flex 2+/EJB3/Seam/Spring/Guice/Pojo application development with full AMF3/RemoteObject benefits. It also features a Comet-like data push implementation (AMF3 requests sent over HTTP) and ActionScript3 code generation tools (Ant task and Eclipse builder).

The 1.1.0 GA release contains a few important features to ease the GDS based development. For example, the brand new Eclipse plugin automatically generates GDS ActionScript 3 code when a Java source file is created or modified.

Another feature is called Tide.

Tide provides a complete Flex framework and data management functionalities such as entity caching, collection paging and lazy loading. It might be seen as a full alternative for the Cairngorm + Flex Data Management Service stack. In 1.1 the server integration is focused on JBoss Seam but future versions will include Spring and plain EJB3 support.

Announced with the release, the project says this is the last major GDS version that supports the Flex 2 framework (only Flex 3+ will be supported in the future).

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