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Mono 2.0 Is Available on MacOS X

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Miguel de Icaza has announced the release of Mono 2.0 installers for MaxOS X. Mono 2.0 was released earlier this month closing the gap between Microsoft's .NET and open source Mono.

Miguel explained that Mono 2.0 was not released for MacOS X when it was made available for all the other platforms because they wanted to include the latest Gtk+ for MacOS X stack. The included Gtk+ version is 2.14.3 since 2.15 is a development version not suitable for public release. This version allows running Gtk+ applications natively on Mac without X11.

The Mono 2.0 installer for MaxOS X requires Mac OS Tiger (10.4) or Leopard (10.5). The installer includes Gtk# and Cocoa#.

Aaron Bockover, member of Novell Desktop Team, has announced the release of Banshee 1.3.3 on Friday 24th, mentioning the release will include Eoin Hennessy's work on porting Banshee to MacOS X. Banshee is an open source media player currently available on Linux. Installers for Windows are also in the works, according to Aaron.

Another application porting effort is done regarding Tomboy, a "desktop note-taking application for Linux and Unix". Sandy Armstrong has announced that his Tomboy port on Windows works on MacOS X as well with minor tweaks by using Mono 2.0 for MacOS X.

Miguel said that it should be easy to package and distribute an application for MacOS X as a relocatable application if the Guidelines for Application Deployment have been respected.

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