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InfoQ Homepage News WPF Designer Hotfix for VS 2008 SP 1

WPF Designer Hotfix for VS 2008 SP 1

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If you are working with WPF and do not already have Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1, you should consider downloading this hotfix. It fixes several bugs in the WPF designer, at least two of which complete crashes Visual Studio.

According to Jim Galasyn, the following errors are corrected by this hotfix:

  • When a resource in an external resource dictionary is updated, Visual Studio 2008 crashes.
  • WPF Designer cannot load read-only attached properties, such as the VisualStateManager.VisualStateGroups property.
  • If some data is bound locally, and then the data binding is cleared, WPF designer reports an error message 'System.Windows.Data.Binding' is not a valid value for property
  • WPF Designer fails to load in VS.NET 2008 SP1 (RTM) if the startup project is set to a Win32 project
  • When you set and then delete the Source property of a WPF WebBrowser control, Visual Studio crashes.
  • When you move a control which is using the MultiTrigger class or the DataTrigger class in the Style class, WPF Designer may throw an InvalidCastException exception.

Please note that developers who have Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 should not install this hotfix, as it already includes it. If you are not planning on installing the Silverlight tool, you can get the hotfix from MSDN Code Gallery.

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