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InfoQ Homepage News JackBe Offers Free Developer Edition of Presto Mashup Platform

JackBe Offers Free Developer Edition of Presto Mashup Platform

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JackBe, an enterprise mashup software provider, announced last week the availability of free Developer Edition of Presto Enterprise Mashup Platform. This is a community version of Presto Enterprise Mashup software which can be used to create, publish, consume and collaborate with mashup components (called Mashables, Mashups, and Shareables).

The mashup product suite also includes the following components:

  • Presto Enterprise Mashup Server: A mashup server that can consume any kind of data and services with a point-click-consume approach for WSDL, REST, RSS, Atom, Database, Excel, and Web clipping.
  • Presto Mashup Composers: Mashup Composers come in two flavors:
    • Visual Mashup Composer which is a browser-based visual mashup composer called Wires which can be used to visually wire data and services to create a mashup.
    •  Mashup Studio, an Eclipse-based IDE for mashup development (includes the debugger, code completion, and XPath support).
  • Presto Connectors: Connectors to integrate with any Portal Servers (supports WSRP / JSR-168), Microsoft Excel (publish/subscribe to mashups), and HP SOA product Systinet.
  • Presto Connect APIs provide access to the Presto mashup platform allowing developers to extend with language and development environments such as Java, JavaScript, ActionScript, Flash/Flex, C#, and VBA to provide connectivity for the different types of clients.

Enterprise Mashup Markup Language:

All these components are driven by Enterprise Mashup Markup Language (EMML), a dynamic and declarative XML-based Domain Specific Language (DSL) designed for creating mashups. EMML can be used with other languages like JavaScript and XPath to create mashup applications.

Presto Developer Edition includes third-party software including Ext JS 2.0 cross-browser JavaScript libraries which is bundled with the product. Ext JS, a cross-Browser Rich Internet Application (RIA) framework, is pre-integrated with the Presto Enterprise Mashup Server, providing an option for building customized mashup widgets.

Presto is basically a set of WAR files that run on Tomcat container with a high availability (HA) database (MySQL) with failover. It also has integration with Spring framework. The product also also has the security integration and Single Sign-On (SSO) with the repositories like ActiveDirectory (AD), LDAP and Computer Associate's Netegrity tool.

The Developer Edition also includes 50 mashup-ready APIs from ProgrammableWeb, a world-wide registry, to aid the web developers in creating the enterprise mashups.

Presto uses AJAX in the front-end and SOA architecture in the back-end. John Crupi and Chris Warner wrote about the synergy between enterprise mashups and SOA and discussed how a mashup can be a first-class service consumer and how mashups can deliver SOA services to the end users.

As part of the Presto Developer Edition software release, JackBe is also announcing free training and support through their Mashup Developer Community (MDC). The developer community offers training videos, code samples and demonstrations for both beginners and expert mashup developers on topics like "Mashups and SOA", "Mashups and Portals", "Mashups and Oracle" and "Mashups and Ajax/RIA".

More documentation and code samples are available in the Resources section of their website. The Presto Developer Edition is available for download to members of the MDC community.

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