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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Building Rich Internet Applications in Silverlight 2

Presentation: Building Rich Internet Applications in Silverlight 2


Silverlight 2 is a cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in and runtime for building rich internet applications. Mike Taulty, of Microsoft, walks through Silverlight basics such as the XAML UI Model and progresses to building applications with both Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Studio as he discusses its programming capabilities.

Mike covers the following topics:

  • Silverlight Tooling
  • Declarative XAML
  • Silverlight Application Packaging
  • Core UI and UI Controls

Mike finishes the presentation with a uber-demo that uses Sliverlight's network capabilities, Filesystem, LINQ and HTML bridge to demonstrate how Silverlight fits into the .NET Framework.

Enjoy Mike Taulty on Silverlight 2 from QCon UK 2008.

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