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Flash Making a Push for Smart Phones

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Adobe is making a major push for Flash on mobile devices such as smart phones. At the GSMA Mobile World Congress, Adobe announced that Flash 10 would be available on most platforms including Windows Mobile, Google's Android, Nokia S60/Symbian, and Palm webOS. The only notable exception is the iPhone, which Apple continues to tightly control.

This isn’t the first time Adobe has attempted to support Flash on mobile devices. Jacqui Cheng of Ars Technica writes,

This is different from the version of Flash Lite that already runs on many mobile phones, which Adobe says comes on 40 percent on all mobile phones sold today. According to the company, a full version of Flash will enable a degree of functionality on smartphones that has only been seen on the desktop thus far.

Meanwhile Microsoft’s counter-offer, Silverlight for Mobile, is still lagging behind. There was some mention of it as the PDC session Microsoft Silverlight 2 for Mobile, but for the most part news has been pretty rare. They do have some time though; Flash 10 is planned for deployment until early 2010.

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