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InfoQ Homepage News Scott Guthrie on Web Technologies During MIX 09

Scott Guthrie on Web Technologies During MIX 09

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In an interview held by Channel 9, Scott Guthrie talked about MIX 2009, Silverlight 3, upcoming VS 2010 Tools for Silverlight, and Expression.

This year at MIX 2009, Microsoft will present Silverlight 3, the Visual Studio 2010 Tools aimed at Silverlight developers, Expression Encoder 3, ASP.NET 4.0, and other web technologies. Silverlight 3 will contain graphics improvements, GPU hardware acceleration, more graphics intensive operations, 3D effects. It will basically incorporate many of the features that have only been available via AJAX or Flash until now. Read more on Silverlight 3 at MIX 09 on InfoQ.

Scott considers that User Experience (UX) matters more and more for Internet shops and Web 2.0 sites, becoming very important these days and for the next 30-40 years. A standard internal enterprise application usually looks dull and makes someone believe there is something wrong with it. A good workflow is necessary because it helps with productivity and overall interaction with the application, which is also a part of UX. Commenting on the progress so far, Scott admits that “we are still trying today to find out how user experience designers and developers work together.”

Next, Scott talked about Expression line of products. The vision for Expression was to offer a complementary product to VS for designers, focusing on the UX, the workflow, without bothering the designer with a debugging tool or code. One of the features to be introduced this year is source code control integration between VS and Expression for better collaboration between the two. The designer should be able to work on the interface of an object provided by a developer without seeing the code itself.

MIX is a conference for developers and user experience designers, their participation being around 50%-50%. It’s an opportunity for web developers to meet and share experiences with one another. 

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