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Silverlight 3 at Mix09

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Microsoft will unveil Silverlight 3 at the Mix09 conference. Sessions will cover the improved graphics processing, media enhancements, and application development improvements in Silverlight 3:

  • Deep Dive into Microsoft Silverlight Graphics
  • Seema Ramchandani, Marshall Agnew
    Come hear about the Silverlight 3 rendering pipeline, and learn how to enhance your application experience with the latest additions to the Silverlight graphics APIs.
  • What's New in Microsoft Silverlight 3
  • Joe Stegman
    Hear about some of the new experience-oriented Silverlight 3 features, and see how to build applications for Silverlight 3 using Microsoft Expression Blend and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • What's New in Microsoft Silverlight 3 Media
  • Larry Olson
    Come learn about the latest media features available with Microsoft Silverlight 3.

According to Scott Guthrie Silverlight 3 will include the following:

  • Major media enhancements, including H.264 video support -- streaming HD
  • Major graphics improvements, including 3D support and GPU hardware acceleration
  • Major application development improvements, including richer data-binding support and additional controls
Note these are just a small sampling of the improvements—we have plenty of additional cool features we are going to keep up our sleeves a little longer. Next year Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer Express will also support a fully editable and interactive designer for Silverlight, and add tool support for data-binding.


Expect Silverlight 3 to be released in 2009, with a new roadmap released at Mix09.

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