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Silverlight Dynamic Languages SDK

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AgDLR, the Silverlight Dynamic Languages SDK, has a new release available for download, with source code available through GitHub.

The Silverlight Dynamic Languages SDK provides a bridge between Silverlight and the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). The SDK allows developers to use dynamic languages, running on the DLR, to build Silverlight applications. With this interoperation, dynamic languages can leverage the feature-rich Silverlight Framework Class Library (FCL), and dynamic languages can call into other dynamic languages, e.g., IronPython calling Managed JScript.

The SDK also includes services to build new languages on top of the DLR, including a shared, dynamic type system and a language hosting model. It also facilitates hosting dynamic languages inside of different hosts. Silverlight can be viewed as "simply an application host used to host the DLR," using the same services that can be utilized by an application developer.

To get started writing Silverlight applications in IronRuby, IronPython or Managed JScript, download the Silverlight Dynamic Languages SDK, which includes:

  • IronPython, IronRuby, and Managed JScript language libraries
  • Chiron, a dynamic language development utility
  • source code for IronPython, IronRuby, the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR), and Chiron
  • sample applications for both Ruby and Python
  • batch file used to run sample on Windows
  • shell script to run applications on Mac
  • Microsoft® Public License (Ms-PL) also contains numerous instructional videos and walkthroughs to get started with AgDLR.

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