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Make Way for Grails 1.1

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Just days ago SpringSource released version 1.1 of Grails, the open-source web application framework.  It provides a slew of new features, improvements and bug fixes and rides on the recent release of Groovy 1.6 which significantly improves overall performance.  The press release sums it up,

Grails 1.1 simplifies and accelerates web application development, enabling developers to focus on delivering new applications and capabilities to customers at a much quicker rate than complex and bloated application infrastructure alternatives. The new release provides a deeper integration with Spring by adding Spring namespace support and standalone usage of Grails Object Relational Mapping inside Spring MVC. It also provides tighter integration with the Java ecosystem through support for key build tools such as Maven and Ant + Ivy. Additionally, Grails 1.1 provides greater support for the vibrant plug-in community with key plug-in features such as global plug-ins, transitive plug-in resolution and modular plug-in development.

One enhancement developers have been waiting for is the ability to use GORM, Grails Object Relational Mapping, outside of Grails.  In January 2009, Graeme Rocher, head of Grails development at SpringSource, informed the community that he had ported the Spring MVC petclinic application to use GORM outside of Grails.

Graeme had provided the following code snippet, which makes use of Spring, to provide a GORM enabled SessionFactory:

<gorm:sessionFactory base-package="org.grails.samples"
   <property name="hibernateProperties">
             <entry key="" value="update"/>

Graeme also posted additional details about several of the new features in Grails 1.1 on his blog on the SpringSource site.  Additionally there are several new plugins including Commentable and Taggable which allow for commenting and tagging of domain object instances.  There is also work on a Grails plugin portal to help improve the plugin experience for developers and users of Grails., the online arm of Wired magazine, released a case study providing information regarding their use of Grails.  Paul Fisher, Manager of Technology stated that,

Grails makes it easier and saves time bringing new developers onto a project, because it provides a
simpler, clearer, more intuitive development workflow and process...Someone with no
Java or Grails experience can learn Grails quickly, get up to speed in a matter of days and become very
productive. Grails can be useful for both the novice developer, who is new to any kind of web development,
and the seasoned Java developer.

Grails continues to grow and mature while gaining popularity amongst developers and with SpringSource's acquisition of G2One, the founders and creators of Groovy and Grails, it appears things are just getting started for this open-source web application framework.

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Community comments

  • Grails' 1.1 release

    by Gerard Dragoi,

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    congrats! great work!

  • Re: Grails' 1.1 release

    by Maxim Gubin,

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    Booya! That's what I'm talking about.
    Finally made it to infoq.
    When's tss going to post a story?

  • poor Eclipse integration

    by Matthias K.,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    Unless its Eclipse support undergoes dramatic improvements, I'm not looking back to Grails. The Groovy Eclipse plugin is simply unusable on any larger project.

    There is TextMate for Ruby, but what's there for Groovy? Good luck convincing your Eclipse-spoiled Java developers they have to resort to Emacs or vi to hack on a Grails project!

    It's completely beyond me why this receives so few attention.

  • Intellij has the best support for grails

    by alfredo duran,

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    I have been an active grails develloper for the last year.
    The eclise support is not there, but the support that we get from Intellij is incredible
    There is even a new release that follows each version of grails.
    Sinse I started using Intellij for developping grails i have switched to develop my struts projects also.
    I find Intellij very proactive with new technologies and a more superior IDE. I find it is alot more easier to work
    with subversion. I took me a bout a week to get used to Intellij. Usually I use both MyEclipse and Intellij at the same time.
    So I get the best of both world. They work very well toguether.

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p