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SQL Enlight T-SQL Analyzer

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Ubitsoft has released a new version of SQL Enlight, their tool designed to expedite and facilitate T-SQL development. SQL Enlight provides code convention verification and coding standards enforcement similar to tools like StyleCop/FxCop; it also provides design-time analysis and templating similar to ReSharper or CodeRush. SQL Enlight integrates into MS Visual Studio and SQL Management Studio, and SQL Englight also provides a command line interface and MSBuild tasks to generate XML reports of analysis rule violations.

SQL Enlight has following features:

  • Reformat T-SQL code with set of customizable rules
  • Formatting rules can be grouped into layout templates that can be switched between as desired.
  • Analyze T-SQL code using set of static analysis rules
  • The Analysis Script feature can be used to identify common performance and database objects naming problems in the T-SQL code.
  • Summarize T-SQL script
  • Similar to the Class Viewer, Transact-SQL Script Summary can help the developers and database administrators to identify components of long SQL scripts. The Script Summary provides a hierarchically structured summary of all batches and statements in the current T-SQL script.
  • Refactoring - Encapsulate T-SQL script as stored procedure or function
  • Transact-SQL statements outlining
  • The statements outlining feature surrounds each statement in the T-SQL script with outlining rectangle, similar to regions in .NET code.
  • Validate T-SQL syntax
  • Code editor highlighting of T-SQL syntax errors.

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