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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Pulling Power - A New Software Lifespan

Article: Pulling Power - A New Software Lifespan

Elizabeth Keogh has written an article describing how Kanban, Feature Injection, and Behavior Driven Development together form a new software development lifespan that is a pull system.  Elizabeth writes:

The most valuable software hasn’t been written yet:
  • The vision pulls stakeholders to create feature sets.
  • Feature sets pull BAs to create stories.
  • Stories pull QAs to create scenarios.
  • Stories pull UI experts to design the UI.
  • The UI pulls developers to write code.
  • Code pulls developers to write more code.
  • We do enough to support the next most important thing.
  • When we’re done, we release!
  • At every stage we try to get feedback as quickly as possible.
  • At every stage we try to minimize waste.

This approach is an evolutionary step that several in the Agile community have been taking for several years. The promise of a pull based software development lifecycle is that the team only builds what has already requested, does not build anything that hasn't been requested, and has an even smaller concept-to-cash cycle than traditional Agile development.

Read the full article to get the details on how this works in practice.

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