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InfoQ Homepage News GraniteDS Continues to Evolve

GraniteDS Continues to Evolve

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GraniteDS 2.0.0, a free and open-source alternative to LiveCycle/BlazeDS, was released earlier this week.  It boasts a significant set of new features and restructuring.  Some of the new features include:

  • Persistence Support
    • OpenJPA
    • DataNucleus/JPOX
  • Application Servers Support
    • GlassFish v3
    • WebLogic 10
    • Google App Engine
  • OSGi Support
    • POJOs only
  • Spring Security Support

The Tide framework has also been enhanced, Franck Wolff, project founder, had this to say about the enhancements,

The GraniteDS "Tide" framework is now mature and brings on the Flex side several mechanisms inspired by JBoss/Seam: events and observers, injections and outjections, contexts, sub-contexts and managed beans. You may now design your Flex application using the same kind of architecture you were used to follow in the web-tier in classical JSF applications. The integration with the Seam framework is complete, so you may really create a Flex frontend to your existing JSF/Seam application without changing anything to your server code.

One of the other major changes was in the repackaging and restructuring of the entire source code. If you're using 1.x releases of GraniteDS you'll need to take a few steps to migrate over to the 2.0.0 release. The details are explained in the post "Migration Notes for GraniteDS 2.0 beta 1".

The GraniteDS team is hard at work on the 2.1.0 release which is expected to include a subset of the JBoss/Seam features for the Spring and EJB3 frameworks.  The ultimate goal is to provide a solution in which Tide can be used on the Flex side without worrying about the server framework (Seam, Spring or EJB3).  Lastly, if the specification and implementations for Web Beans (JSR-299) is available you can expect integration support to be provided as well.


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