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InfoQ Homepage News Ágiles2009 - Last call for participation

Ágiles2009 - Last call for participation

What about joining a team of speakers that has names as Brian Marick, Diana Larsen, Matt Gelbwaks, Naresh Jain, Dave Nicolette, Alan Cyment, Alexandre Magno, and many others? Next Monday, July 6 will be the last chance for submitting a talk to Ágiles 2009!

Ágiles 2009 is a nonprofit event, to be held in Florianopolis (Brazil), organized by topic enthusiasts, united by the goal of creating a comprehensive discussion forum of agile methodologies and their adoption in Latin America.

As a speaker, you will have free access to the conference and some special advantages that the organizers are preparing for you! You can submit a tutorial, a talk, an experience report or a workshop. Access and know what information we are asking for the submissions.

We hope to see you at Ágiles 2009!

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