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InfoQ Homepage News VS 2010 Bugs Being Ignored?

VS 2010 Bugs Being Ignored?


It appears that Microsoft is no longer fixing minor bugs for VS 2010. Carlos Quintero has cited three bugs in EnvDTE that DJ has marked as “Won’t Fix” for this release. EnvDTE is the primary means by which .NET developers can build add-ons for Visual Studio.

The messages posted by DJ Park, the C# IDE Program Manager, follow this pattern:

Thanks for the feedback! Again, this is an issue that we would like to address but given that our current focus is on stabilizing and improving the performance of VS2010, we won't be able to address this issue for this release. I'm going to go ahead and resolve this bug as "Won't Fix" but please know that we'll be reviewing these issues as we begin planning for our next release. Thanks again for the great feedback, and keep it coming!

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