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InfoQ Homepage News Git# Offers Git Access for .NET and Mono Projects

Git# Offers Git Access for .NET and Mono Projects

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Git# is a .NET and Mono version of the popular source code management system, Git, obtained by porting JGit to C#. Other related projects are: msysgit and gitextensions.

Git# is meant to be “fully compatible with the original git and shall be a light weight library for cool applications that are based on git as their object database or are reading or manipulating repositories in some way.”

The latest release of Git# is only an Alpha 0.1.3 with the command line interface still under work, but it offers a stable core library that can be used from .NET projects to access Git repositories. The API is still subject to change.

A discussion group is set up for Git# for those interested to participate and to know more about the project. A working demo has been made available online on GitHub. A few examples show how to get started with Git#. The license used for this project is BSD, the same as JGit’s.

msysgit is a Git provider for Windows, a project more mature and complete than Git#, but “it can not be easily extended by or embedded in other applications”, according to Git# authors. The license used is GNU GPL v2.

Yet another related project is gitextensions which offers a number of tools to ease working with Git from Windows. It features integration with Windows Explorer and it has a plug-in for VS 2005/2008. The license is GNU GPL v3.

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